Madagascar Red Vanilla Beans (Bulk)

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While the Madagascar Reds are the perfect Vanilla Beans for breweries and distilleries, their high vanillin content and lower moisture content is great for making vanilla extract as well. They are the same wonderful beans from Madagascar as our Grade A beans, but are allowed to vine-ripen to maximize vanillin content. They are called "splits" because some are split at the end because of the extra growing time.  

A little about our beans:

  • Certified Organic Vanilla beans for breweries and distilleries
  • Fair-Trade / Environmentally Sustainable
  • Our beans are hand picked for freshness and rich fragrance. They are packaged in the USA and have been triple inspected for quality as well as vacuum-sealed for freshness and safety.
  • Perfect vanilla beans for brewing beer/breweries
  • Perfect vanilla beans for distilling/distilleries.
  • Grade B+ with moisture content in the 20% range and higher vanillin content
  • We guarantee our product. If you are not satisfied with your order please contact us and we will refund your product - no questions asked!!
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate. Store in dark, cool conditions in an airtight container with a lid that seals well, vanilla beans will keep for 12-24 months.

Madagascar origin-variety (Bourbon) with the highest vanillin content for extract with light-brown to reddish color, long whole beans with mixed splits
Moisture: 22% – 24%
Vanillin: 1.6% – 2.4%
Length: 14cm – 21cm
Color: Light-brown to Reddish

    Customer Reviews

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    Ernie Wagner
    Best Vanilla for my rum

    I use Vanilla for 3 of my Pure Corruption Rums, and the red beans from Stavoren Trading are absolutely the best!

    Skip Kratzer
    Great personal service

    Owner is very responsive and product is exactly as it says.