Vanilla Bean Storage

Because our beans are so fresh and have a high vanillin content, proper storage of unused beans after removing from their airtight package is crucial.

FIRST: Place vanilla beans in a vacuum sealed container or resealable bag. 

If you do not have a vacuum sealer, an easy way to get all the air out of a plastic bag is to submerge all but one unsealed corner of the bag in water and then seal it the rest of the way once all the air has been pushed out.

SECOND: Store the beans in a cool dark place.

Yes, your fridge and freezer are cool dark places, but never put your sealed beans in those places as there is a lot of moisture. Ideally, beans should be stored in less than 50% humidity as this prevents mold growth. 

Properly sealed beans can be stored for as long as a year, but who can have them that long with so many awesome uses?!?!