Vanilla PASTE for MORE vanilla TASTE

Why Vanilla Bean Paste?

Why Vanilla Bean Paste?

Vanilla is amazing - it's the world's #1 flavor after all. At Stavoren Trading we make a vanilla PASTE with MORE vanilla flavor than extract AND, unlike extract, it tastes AMAZING right out of the jar.

Since food makes life better and vanilla PASTE makes food better... VANILLA PASTE MAKES LIFE BETTER.

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How to use Vanilla Bean Paste

Gourmet Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste (128 oz / 1 Gallon) - Stavoren Trading Co.

Wondering how you can start using paste instead of extract?

It's SO easy:

  1. Buy Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste
  2. Replace 1 tsp of extract with 1 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste
  3. Enjoy BETTER food!
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5-star Reviews

"The BEST vanilla I've ever had" - Kristian (London, England)

"Their Mexican Paste is to die for." - Karen H. (Madison, WI)

"Love the beans are vacuumed sealed and extremely fresh when opened." - Elliot W. (Sarasota, FL)

"Excellent quality!" - TmK (Seattle, WA)

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Earth-Friendly Vanilla Beans

Sustainably Sourced & farmed

Madagascar, Tahitian, Mexican, Ugandan, Indonesian

Packaged in Bend, Oregon

Vanilla Paste uses the ENTIRE vanilla bean, no waste.

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The Benefits of Vanilla

The Benefits of Vanilla

Grade A vs Grade B Vanilla Beans

Grade A vs Grade B Vanilla Beans