Greetings from Bend, Oregon!!


Stavoren Trading Company is in every sense of the term a family business. We started STC for the Van Staaveren family. We are three generations working side-by-side to do what’s best for our customers, our community, and our family. We all live in Bend, Oregon in four homes and an office situated around a common area. So, not only do we work together, we also play together.

We named our company, Stavoren Trading Co. (STC), after our namesake which literally means "from Stavoren." Stavoren is a coastal town in the northern part of the Netherlands. We are proud of our roots that go all the way back to the 1600's when our Dutch ancestors were trading in Madagascar and Indonesia for the same beans we import today!!! 

We buy vanilla beans and paste from around the world so that the bakers, brewers & distillers, vanilla extract makers and general vanilla users can get the best vanilla beans at the very best prices.

All this to say, we are so committed to providing our best products and customer service that we literally put our name on it!

Thank you!!

Kristin and Travis